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vitruvianThanks to an academic discipline called “Embodied Cognition“  there’s a growing amount of research available about how people think with their whole bodies.

Since body/mind collaboration is right up the MuseCubes alley, we’ll collect many of these articles here, for your edification and enjoyment.

Enjoy today’s excerpt from Psychology Today’s bloggers Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, about how we think with our bodies in pre-verbal, pre-symbolic ways.

How do you climb a tree?

Which foot do you move for the first step of the salsa?

When you button your shirt, which hand pushes the button through the hole?

Chances are the “answers” to these questions do NOT come as a string of verbalized, linear instructions. If you are like us (and we think most of you are!), the visual image of a tree flashes through your mind, followed by another image – maybe visual, maybe muscular – of you reaching for a low-hanging branch, hauling your legs up and over, etcetera and so forth. And maybe, for that first salsa step or the button hand, you find yourself actually moving feet or fingers, as if to perform the movement or series of movements you haven’t in fact transcribed into words. Because you aren’t using words! You are thinking in a pre-verbal, pre-symbolic way, with mental images intimately tied up with tensions, postures, movements and gut feelings of the body. You are body thinking.

This was just an excerpt, but their blog’s pretty awesome.  To read the whole article, click here.

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